Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette

Lemons and garlic are one of the worlds most delicious food pairings.  This is a recipe that is easy to get creative with.  Feel free to add fresh herbs, I like finely minced basil, mint, or whatever is in season at the farmers market.  Or, add a dollop of whole grain mustard for a little kick!  I promise once you make your own dressing you will never go back to store bought options again!  Delicious, fresh and insanely easy to make!!

Salad ingredient recommendation:  Toss with butter lettuce, spinach, avocado, cherry tomato, olives and croutons..

**Remember this dressing is can be used as a marinade for chicken or shrimp as well!!

You will need:

1 and a half tbs lemon juice

zest of one lemon (optional)

1 small clove of garlic

2 to 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp whole grain mustard

1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper

minced herbs of your choice


Press your garlic clove into a salad shaker or a medium sized bowl.  Add in remainder of ingredients and shake or whisk well.  Taste a little bit to see if you need to adjust (remember the flavors need to be strong to spruce up your salad.)  If too zesty add a little more olive oil or a pinch more of salt.

Can be refrigerated for up to 4 days.



** Married mommy of two beautiful girls , residing in San Diego. Practice manager/Veterinary nurse working in the field for 11 years.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Love this recipe idea for using on everything from steamed broccoli to pasta! It is perfect for using the endless lemons on my tree:) thank you!

  1. April 2, 2014

    […] click here for the DIY Lemon Vinaigrette instructions and the remaining ingredients needed for the dressing and marinade.  Whip it […]

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