Your metabolism – slow it down, if you want to speed it up!

Whether you are a regular at the gym, or a casual enthusiast, these simple points will help you get the most out of your time devoted to fitness..  But please remember, you cannot exercise away a bad diet (believe me, I’ve tried)  So please refer to my post “Boost your metabolism, power food combos”  in order learn about what to do in the kitchen that leads to more productive time breaking a sweat.

  • Lean muscle boosts resting metabolic rate:  60 percent of our daily caloric needs are based on our resting metabolic rate.. Yup, the calories we burn doing close to nothing, moving through our day, breathing, talking.. that sort of thing.  So, since that is what makes up most of our lives, lets burn as many calories as possible doing it.  Why you might ask?  Because that means you can eat more!  And that sounds pretty awesome to me.. This means we need to increase the lean muscle in our bodies.  One of the biggest mistakes I made while trying to lose weight after having my babies was that I basically did no weight training and tons of cardio.  Cardio is very important, but an all cardio workout may actually lead to loss of muscle mass.  There I was running my brains out and wondering why it wasn’t working.  Then I started researching and realized the mistake.  Be sure to get your cardio in, especially to warm up, then move on to some weight training and build those muscles.
  • Key note, when choosing which weight training to do remember that toning out the muscles in your core give you the biggest boost in resting metabolic rate. 
  • In terms of cardio, interval training is the recommended method to increase metabolism.  Utilize a “sprint, walk, sprint, jog” rhythm to get the most benefit. 
  • Slow it down:  Once you have warmed up, decide on the weight training exercises that you will be doing.  Do 1 regular set.  During the next set, count to 4 or even 6 when moving through the challenging part.  For example, if you are doing a push up, count to 4 as you lower your chest, concentrate on the muscle you are working while you are slowing it down.  Alternate between regular sets and these slower sets throughout your workout.

Alright everyone!  Eat your power food combos and exercise regularly.. you will be happy you did, and don’t forget to stretch!

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** Married mommy of two beautiful girls , residing in San Diego. Practice manager/Veterinary nurse working in the field for 11 years.

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