The Real Reason I’m a Health Nut: Confessions of a party girl

The best way to describe myself throughout my teens and twenties is a spinning top..  Wind me up and watch me go, bouncing around aimlessly ..  No plan for each new day, no plan for each new year.. Sure, I put thought in to my future periodically .. and somehow I managed to keep the same job throughout most of that time frame until my spinning around lost me that too.  A typical weekend for me was full boar California fun in the sun, and whatever happened to come along with that.  I’m pretty sure that anyone who knew me during that time in my life would consider my name and party girl as one in the same..  Ultimately, this lifestyle cost me greatly.  Not to mention the huge toll it takes on your body, it also consistently drained me financially and emotionally.  Oh yea its great being the life of the party, the girl that can really hang till the last hoorah, close any bar and consistently consider the break of dawn as time to wind down..  But at my core, I knew all along that all this craziness wasn’t really me, I was doing this to numb myself, self medicate and “forget” the past (which is its own story all together).  What I really longed for was stability, consistency and love.. All of which are extremely difficult to achieve when you are not setting yourself up properly for creating and receiving it.. But, at the time I was pretty good at blaming the universe for my problems.

Fast forward to age 30, December 12th 2009.  Approximately 1 month after my 30th birthday.. The lines on the white and blue stick tell me I’m expecting a baby.  Me and my then boyfriend, now husband had conceived a baby on my 30th birthday trip to Hawaii.. Oh wow.. We had certainly thrown around the idea of having babies, we had also thrown around the idea of maybe starting to think about it more seriously once I turned 30 (tick, tock).  But no amount of conversation prepared me for that moment.  To be honest, for most of my life I hadn’t planned on having kids.. mostly because I didn’t love myself enough and wasn’t confident enough in who I was to consider the most important responsibility on this earth.  Creating and raising another human being?  What business did I have doing that?  All of the fear and insecurities associated with those thoughts came rushing into my heart.  How am I going to do this?  After those moments of sheer terror passed I came into a place of clarity.  It didn’t matter how petrified I was, this was happening.. And I had better do everything in my power to make it good, to make it great, to make it perfect for my child so that they never ever end up like I did..

Well, now I realize that no matter how much stability and guidance I offer my children I still will never have complete control over the choices that they end up making, and things will never be perfect.  That in itself is terrifying to me.  But I realize they grow more everyday into their own personalities, and to watch that spark they have brighten is precious to me.

So why am I telling you all of this?  Because I feel its important for people to understand why I do what I do and where I came from.  I am a self proclaimed, certified health nut, hell bent on offering my children and my family the very best there is to have.  Determined to provide a happy, healthy, sustainably fed environment for them to live.  Determined to be the best version of myself possible.  Determined to be an educated consumer.  Determined to be a good role model…  Maybe some of you can relate to my story… Maybe some of you want to start changing your habits but don’t know where to start.  I can help!  My site is dedicated to providing a literal smorgasbord of health related information, relevant and easy to apply to your busy lives.   This journey has been amazing!  There is so much more to come..


** Married mommy of two beautiful girls , residing in San Diego. Practice manager/Veterinary nurse working in the field for 11 years.

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3 Responses

  1. Jan Robbins says:

    What a great journey! I can totally relate and know what you went through to get to where you wanted to get. Sometimes the as we get older (and wiser) and go through changes it leads us in newer and healthier directions. Glad you are using your skills to empower yourself and others. 🙂

    • Cassiopia says:

      I truly appreciate your kind words. The world has so much to offer all of us! Here’s to living and learning! And sharing the journey along the way 🙂

  2. Shantell says:

    Phenomenal article. It cut me to my core and helped me remember who we all are… We are all one in this life and specifically, our purpose is the same. We are here to love one another as we would love ourselves … So let’s just keep busy doing that… Loving ourselves and one another. Amazing article, keep up the great work ⭐️
    Love and Blessings

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